Laurent Perrier Brut Rose 750ml - Amsterwine - Wine - Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier Brut Rose 750ml

Sparkling Rose from Champagne | France
Vendor: Laurent Perrier
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Decanter: 95 Points

Ethereal floral and raspberry nose. A vinous palate with a mild mousse, the soft texture all wrapped in spice, nuts, smoke and a superior berry tincture. Very long and easy to enjoy.

Wine Enthusiast: 94 Points

This great rosé combines texture with bright fruit and a bit of age. It is poised between a ripe dosage and a crisp texture, with red fruits and toastiness marking the flavors. It is a fine bottling to enjoy now.

Wine Spectator: 92 Points

Baked cherry and strawberry fruit flavors are ripe and juicy in this bright rosé, underscored by minerally smoke and chalk accents. Hints of candied orange peel, dried thyme and ground ginger play on the fruit range and ride the fine, lively mousse and lingering finish. Drink now.

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The Cuvée Rosé from Laurent-Perrier is the most recognized rosé champagne in the world. The house uses its proprietary maceration technique and the wine is crafted for a fragrance and not mixed for a color. Held in an elegant bottle inspired by King Henri IV, it has been widely acknowledged for its consistent high quality for more than 40 years, and it is the benchmark for rosé champagne around the world. 

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé is truly remarkable for its highly expressive bouquet, stemming from very careful preservation of fresh fruit aromas during the wine making. Made with 100% Pinot Noir from 10 different "crus " (or villages), from the North and South areas of the Montagne de Reims, as well as the famous village of Bouzy. Grapes from carefully selected plots are meticulously sorted and de-stemmed before going into the vats, and the controlled maceration helps with the color extraction and the development of the full aromatic richness of the Pinot Noir. 

Intensely fruity flavors, clean and slightly sharp, the wine opens to the sensation of freshly picked red berries: strawberries, Morello cherries, black currants and raspberries. The finish is supple and rounded. 

Laurent Perrier Brut Rose 750ml - Amsterwine - Wine - Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier Brut Rose 750ml


Laurent Perrier Brut Rose 750ml

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Sparkling Rose

Sparkling rosé, a captivating amalgamation of the elegance of rosé and the effervescence of sparkling wine, is a delightful and versatile libation that embodies both sophistication and celebration. Crafted from red grape varieties, the wine undergoes a meticulous process, marrying the refreshing attributes of rosé with the lively bubbles characteristic of sparkling wines. Its enticing pink hue, ranging from pale salmon to deeper shades, enhances not only the visual appeal but also the anticipation of a sensory journey. Sparkling rosé often reveals a spectrum of flavors, from vibrant red berries and citrus notes to floral undertones, creating a harmonious palate that pairs seamlessly with a variety of cuisines or serves as a charming aperitif for joyous moments. Whether enjoyed on a sunny afternoon or toasting to special occasions, sparkling rosé encapsulates the essence of indulgence and effervescence in a single, delightful sip.

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