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Exciting News: Free Delivery to East Midtown!
Exciting News: Free Delivery to East Midtown!

Evan Williams Bourbon Black Label 1L

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Evan Williams Black is reputed to be based on mostly five to seven year old bourbons, and bottled at 86 proof (43% abv). Compare that to the eponymous Jim Beam White, which is quoted at four to six years and definitely bottled at 80 proof.

The color is in the vein of light amber, like a coppery honey. The scent is corn sweet, leaning into citrus sweet, with a hint of vanilla and a dash of rye spice cinnamon.

On the palate, the bourbon has an unremarkable feel, neither thick nor thin. The flavor kicks with a solid current of oak to start, with a layer of that corn-leaning-to-citrus sweetness underneath. A pinch of rye spice emerges about in the middle, along with a trace of oak. The finish is lightly sweet, with a moderately warm and mid-length run.