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Exciting News: Free Delivery to East Midtown!
Exciting News: Free Delivery to East Midtown!

Charm Soju 750ml

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A type of Korean liquor and spirit, Soju is produced by two main methods. Originally, Soju was created by fermenting grains and distilling it with a single-distiller called “Soju-gori” As it gained in popularity, Soju transitioned to becoming commercially produced. Mainstream Soju is mass-produced in large batches at 95 degrees, and afterward, heavily diluted with water and other additives. In the past, people enjoyed genuine, handcrafted Soju. Nowadays, Soju produced by the latter method, also known as commercially produced “green bottles” dominate the scene. However, the original Soju is known as traditional Soju or distilled Soju.

Originating from Korea's historic town Daegu in 1957, Charm Soju has been loved by the Korean people for more than 60 years. It is Soju that has had overwhelming sales over 98% of Daegu Gyeongbuk region, the heart of the Korean textile industry.