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Exciting News: Free Delivery to East Midtown!
Exciting News: Free Delivery to East Midtown!

Field Recordings Skins (Orange Wine) 750ml

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Field Recordings is a winery based in California that produces a line of wines called "Skins." The Skins wines are a type of orange wine, made using a traditional method of fermenting the juice of white wine grapes with the skins, seeds, and stems for an extended period of time.

Field Recordings' Skins wines are known for their unique flavor profile, which is the result of extended skin contact during fermentation. The wines are typically dry, with a full body and a range of complex aromas and flavors, including notes of stone fruit, nuts, and honey. The Skins line of wines is made in small quantities and is considered to be a specialty item by many wine enthusiasts.

A crisp orange wine perfect to pair with spicy foods, springtime and ... well, anything. It will make you a believer in non-red wines. We use a mix of white grapes from different vineyards that we destem and ferment on skins, resulting in a beautiful showcase of all the delicate flavors of white wine, but with more substance and texture.